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Shortwave Kitsch

New Stories, Vintage Vibes

Celebrating the art of the spoken word, we’re taking an exciting jump back in time to share the beloved tradition of radio drama! Presenting: Shortwave Kitsch-- the slice of performance history that will leave you wanting more! Each show is a new work written by local writers, performed by local actors, original music written by local musicians, curated by local professionals, and performed in front of a live audience. Every exciting episode will be recorded and shared on multiple media platforms for a modern-day radio show experience. You never have to miss out on any of our stories as we travel back in time, through space, out into the great Wild West, and all around the world. Come with us on your next adventure and hold on tight for this thrilling ride!


Catch us in a Charleston theater near you soon!

Our Shows
Call the Lady Physician

A high-flying adventure with Cliff Ryder, a misogynistic aeronaut, who carries the former debutant turned diligent doctor, Elise Banks, around the world to where the people are in need and danger awaits.

A Hog Killin’ Time

Manifest Destiny has brought the small town of Giddy-Up Gulch to the brink of disaster. The madam who runs the local brothel will need to put together a team of ne'er-do-wells to defend the community against two plundering foes: a gold prospector who’d love to see their settlement dug up and a railroad tycoon who wants it cleared in the name of progress.

Hollywood Hunters

Jesse Ball and Patty Odd make up the agents at Odd/Ball Talent, the leader in 
getting the creepy creatures and terrifying titans hired in the monster pictures of today… if by today, you mean the 1930s.

Extra Intelligence

Castor Lovis becomes a Nazi spy during WWII so the Americans will have the inside scoop to defeat this evil scourge. But, little do the allies know, the true threat may come from the skies... We mean, Aliens... from above!

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity!

Disgraced FBI agent, Jack Finger, is relegated to taking a job as a city detective. His hot-headed nature and inability to maintain a partner keep him on the brink of losing everything – most of all, his job. As long as he continues solving cases, he remains with the boys in blue.

To Whom It May Concern...

In the British tradition of the Agony Aunt letters (That’s like a Dear Abby Letter to you, Yanks!), Adriana Agony is ready and willing to provide you with the most endearing and important life advice. But when she steps away from the mic or the typewriter, she’s ready to solve the problem personally no matter what the death-defying stakes.

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